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We are a student-driven body full of enthusiasm that abides to nurture aspiring entrepreneurs and help them mold their future.

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About Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Entrepreneurship Development Cell, Acropolis is a student-driven body that aims to inculcate the entrepreneurial mindset among students with creative and innovative ideas. Year-round, E-cell hosts webinars, workshops, light skill development activities, and highly rewarding competitions to refuel the spirit and open doors to new chances in innovative fields.

Entrepreneurial Skills

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Networking Skills

Broadens their network with people around them by exchanging information and ideas and dealing with professionals.

Leadership Skills

By giving them a broadened environment to showcase their area of expertise and help their colleagues to grow in the same.

Managerial Skills

By syncing them into a professional environment with unknown people to manage their work.

Communication Skills

Developing advanced communication skills among students by providing many opportunities.


Structure for individuals overall development


See what our alumni has to say..

Harsh Neekhra

Harsh Neekhra


E-Cell offers you a platform to look at matters from the views of leading industry experts in both technical and business fields.

Divyank Gupta

Divyank Gupta

CMO Novorbis

EDC hope to refine qualities to reach greater heights in the ladder of success.

Aman Porwal

Aman Porwal

Founder & CEO MomsKart

EDC at Acropolis acts as a kindle of entrepreneurial spirit among fellow students through various initiatives.

Tushar Pal

Tushar Pal


The existence of E-Cell is to bolster the students towards the path of entrepreneurship by imparting a channel of valuable resources.

Atharva Mungee

Atharva Mungee

Data Scientist -tender AI

EDC Acropolis aims to impart skills as well as act as a catalyst and incubator for entrepreneurial activities.

Dikshant Mehant

Dikshant Mehant

CEO Ziasy Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell, as an organization strives to foster innovation and creativity and support the students in their professional development.

Bhavesh Narayani

Bhavesh Narayani

Founder, Solinas Integrity

Great to see young innovators excited for Robotics. Hoping to see the change in Future.

Shreyaan Daga

Shreyaan Daga

Founder, OLL

Had an Amazing session with all the young enthusiasts.

Shyam Parwal

Shyam Parwal

Founder- Liv Original

This is a great platform for startups to discuss their business ideas.

Rohit Jain

Rohit Jain

Founder at YouVah

E-Cell is a great platform where students get engaged in a variety of entrepreneurial activities to develop their skills.


Our E-Cell hosts a variety of events to promote entrepreneurial activities around campus.

E-Summit 2024

LitFest 2021

Career Orientation in Schools

DaanShiksha Donation Drive

Think With the Box

Product Over Weekend

E-Summit 2023


Orientation 2023

Joy of Giving

Odyssey 2023